Training programme

Training for rural youth in districts where “Soura Belaku” scheme is implemented by RDPR

‘Soura Belaku’ is a programme of RDPR, Govt. of Karnataka, which aims at energy conservation through installation of solar street lights. Many villages have been covered under the scheme and solar street lights have been installed.
However, for want of skilled personnel for maintenance and repair of the street lights, many of them are being rendered dysfunctional in a few months time.
By this programme, the personnel appointed for maintenance and repair works by the panchayats and other rural youth will be given training in maintenance and repair works of solar street lights. Trainees will also be educated on Energy Conservation and other renewable energy sources.


  • To train and create skilled manpower to maintain the solar street lamps installed in the villages.

Expected outcome:

  • Availability of skilled manpower in the rural areas where solar street lamps are installed for maintenance and repair.
  • Use of the batteries for the maximum possible time efficiently and render the solar street lamps fully effective.