Training programme

Training programme for members of SHG’s/NGO’s and rural women on renewable energy, environment protection and improved cook stoves (Karnataka State)

They are the primary consumers and potential user groups of Renewable energy and are the victims of problems associated with conventional energy such as fuel wood, Kerosene, etc and hence are expected to evince more interest in adopting new and renewable energy sources in place of fossil fuels, improved cook stoves, solar cookers, solar lanterns, etc which ultimately takes care of their health, environment and forest conservation.
MGIRED faculty visit the selected villages where SHG’s and NGO’s work together along with exhibition vehicle and train the participants on smokeless chulhas, their design and construction, improved cook stoves, solar lanterns, solar cookers, etc.
They will also be familiarized with information on bio-fuel plantations, collection of bio-fuel seeds and production of bio-diesel.


  • To create awareness among rural women on RE, Energy conservation, construction of smokeless chulhas which can create self employment opportunities.

Expected outcome:

  • Renewed adoption of renewable energy sources especially smokeless chulhas/improved cook stoves, home composting/vermicomposting, biogas at the grassroots level.
  • Improvement of better health and economic conditions of rural women.
  • Availability of skilled manpower in the rural areas that can construct smokeless chulhas and meet the rural demand besides being an income generation activity.