Training programme

“Training of Trainers” –awareness programme for school teachers and academicians (Karnataka State)

Training of trainers will be highly beneficial in helping dissemination of information to a large section of people. By imparting training to the high school teachers, it is envisaged to spread awareness on RE, Energy conservation, Environment protection, rain water harvesting, Forest protection, improved cook stoves and allied areas to thousands of students in and around Bangalore to begin with.


  • To train teachers on renewable energy, energy conservation, environment protection, forest conservation, sustainable development.
  • To train teachers to guide students in undertaking various Renewable Energy Projects.
  • To provide teaching material both in hard and soft copies on the subjects proposed to help the teachers educate their students.
  • To accelerate the propagation of information on renewable energy and energy conservation among students.

Expected outcome:

The programme will lead to :

  • Well trained teachers in the subjects covered.
  • Thousands of students aware of RE/Energy conservation, environment protection, etc.,
  • Direct involvement of students in energy conservation in their day to day life.
  • Children educating their parents and peers to adopt, RE/Energy conservation, improved cook stoves and water conservation.