Training programme

Workshop on home composting

Home composting results in optimum use of organic solid waste and generate organic manure. Per capita waste generation in India ranges from 0.2 to 0.6 kg per day, of which 40% is organic waste. Adoption of home composting for managing organic waste can result in hygienic conditions, prevention from breeding of mosquitoes, ground water pollution etc. besides availability of organic manure for kitchen garden.


  • To create awareness and emphasize on segregation of solid waste at source.
  • To provide training on home composting and demonstrate the advanced techniques of composting.

Expected outcome:

  • Increased awareness on adoption of home composting.
  • Reduced pressure on the municipality for wet waste disposal.
  • Improved hygienic conditions and protection of environment.
  • Availability of organic manure for kitchen garden.

Workshop on "Home Composting & Terrace Gardening" - 19th September 2015

Vegetables grown in and around Bangalore and sold here are mostly contaminated as they are grown in sewage water. Health of the residents is at risk. Those who have own space can cultivate their own vegetables and protect their health and also save their expenses.

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