Training programme

Awareness programme for college students (Karnataka State)

Students are invited to visit the institution, where they will be given lectures-cum-interactive sessions on renewable energy, energy conservation and environment protection followed by a visit to the energy park of the institution to get more insight into the actual working of the units.


  • To create awareness among the students on renewable energy, energy conservation and environment protection.
  • To educate them on renewable energy sources & devices, energy conservation, scarcity of fossil fuels and their impact on environment, forest conservation, rainwater harvesting, energy audit etc.
  • To provide practical demonstration on technologies and power generation units such as biomass gassifier, bio-fuel production unit and kitchen waste biogas plant, vermicompost unit, wind energy generation unit, solar power generation, etc.
  • To provide information and knowledge on waste management hierarchy, hygienic and scientific way of waste disposal and importance of separating dry & wet waste.

Expected outcome:

  • Greater concern for environment among students.
  • Students’ active participation in energy conservation.
  • Gain better knowledge of renewable energy resources and technologies.
  • Convince their parents to use solar energy, conserve energy, adopt rain water harvesting, segregate solid waste etc