Department of Solar Technology


To develop a centre of excellence in the area of solar energy and its applications in line with requirements of rural world.  Continued learning to improve knowledge management system to act as an efficient backup unit of technology. Carry out research and extension works which will benefit the in situ installation, operation and maintenance of solar systems.


         Sri. Muralidhar .K, Deputy Director (Solar)
         Sri. M.R. Aravind, Assistant Director (Solar and Small Wind & Hydro))

         Smt. Shanthi .G, Deputy Director (Solar)
         Sri. Santhosh Kumar .M, Assistant Director (Solar)

         Sri. Pramod .M.J, Assistant Director (Solar)

Areas of research:

  • Roof Top Photovoltaic Systems operating in Islanded mode and Grid connected mode (net metered).
  • Solar Photo Voltaic Water Pumping Applications.
  • Remote Village Electrification using micro grids / nanogrids.
  • Solar based Hybrid Systems for power generation.
  • Evaluation of Solar PV cell technologies used in power generation.
  • Solar Thermal Applications viz. Water heating Systems, Dryers.
  • Solar based Applications for Rural Environment.
  • Field studies on installed Solar Energy Systems.


  • Installation of Roof Top SPV systems
  • Electrification of unelectrified areas through solar technologies
  • Deliver Guest lectures in areas of Renewable Energy


Realizable solar potential in India is 110 GW to 144 GW by 2024.

Training Material: