MGIRED has taken up some innovative activities with the objective of awareness creation by direct involvement of the people in energy conservation, environment protection and sustainable development such as :
  • Develops off-grid Renewable Energy solutions for Remote villages.
  • Established an e-waste collection centre in MGIRED with an intention of awareness creation among public on safe and scientific disposal of e-waste.
  • Conducts "Walk-through" Energy assessment of institutions to facilitate energy conservation through awareness creation and minimal investment recommendations.
  • Provide smokeless chulas / improved cook stoves to remote villages in and around wildlife protected areas with the twin objective of reducing fuel-wood consumption and provide clean smokeless environment in rural households.
  • Formation of energy clubs in schools to create awareness among students on energy conservation. It is anticipated that the clubs will come up with innovative ideas for mass adoption of energy conservation measures.
  • Function as a resource center for Rain Water Harvesting and aid in Water Resource Management.
  • Provide consultancy services on all aspects pertaining to Renewable Energy.
  • Initiated the innovative Bamboo Bucket Challenge which is aimed at mass planting of bamboos extensively contributing to the mitigation of climate change besides providing the raw materials for industry and consequently reducing pressure on forests.
  • Established a solid waste management cell in the institute aimed at creating awareness in the neighbourhood on scientific waste management
Kindly contact The Executive Director, MGIRED for further guidance and assistance :

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