Dignitaries Visit

Chemnitz Tu University – GERMANY


Japanese Delegation

Japanese Delegation comprising of CEO's and supporting staff of different Companies visited MGIRED to understand the activities carried out from the Organisation. Executive Director, MGIRED welcomed the delegation and hosted them. Executive Director and his team comprising senior faculties had an interaction with the delegates. Avenues to take technology to rural India was discussed and local rural requirements was also explained. The Japanese delegation comprised :

      1. Mr. Masao Tomizawa, Ph.D, Director , KOE Environmental Business , Inc.
      2. Mr. Yuji Unno, CEO, Seabell International Co., Ltd.
      3. Mr. Kimikazu Yano, Manager , Kinsei Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
      4. Mr. N.V Nagaraja Rao, Dawn Consulting

The delegation was accompanied by 3 of their supporting staff and 2 translators. Delegates were happy with the information shared and expressed their interest to work in colloboration with MGIRED based on specific project proposals.